Author Topic: seeking advice on mounting a radar do you have yours mounted?  (Read 2872 times)

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I read and found Bluetooth transmitters that can be plugged into a radar detector.  I wonder how it would work to have it paired with the phone. If I could listen to maps or music on the phone and have the radar buzz in? I guess it works well with a sena but I don't want to go that route.
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The "old" Sena's, like the ones I just bought new a few years ago, can only link to one device at a time.  Extremely annoying- I can either talk on the intercom, or change modes manually and listen to the phone/music.  Supposedly this is somewhat fixed in newer models, so if you go that route and expect to link to a yet another device (radar detector), do some good research first (and let us know).

Other than that limitation, and the non-replaceable (AKA "built in obsolescence") battery, the Sena stuff is pretty nice.  Very good sound quality, very good range, good battery life, reliable.  Oh, the battery low indicator gives maybe a 30 second warning- just enough to tell someone "crap, bye"... that could be better.
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Apparently they (radar detector detectors) are used successfully in Canada where radar detectors seem to be outright illegal.


Yes they do.

We took a van of guys to go fishing in Canada. Speeds of 50 to 70 kph made one of the guys absolutely bonkers as someone had taught him how to calculate speed. He reaches down under his seat and pulls out the radar detector. Got tagged ....not for speeding but for having a detector. After the OPP officer discussed it with him he gave us the option of emptying the van and the trailer or handing over the detector. Once we got the driver to give it up the Officer had him walk to the front of the the detector in front of the driver's side tire and instructed him to get back in and pull forward. Once we got the ticket and cleaned up the crushed detector (no littering in Ontario) he waved good bye and told us Happy Fishing.
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Mine hides itself so the OPP cant track it.
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