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92 Connie $1400
« on: July 04, 2011, 08:16:27 pm »
I picked up this 92 for my GF so that it would make it easier for her to keep up with me when we ride together. Unfortunately, she believes that it is too much bike for her and I have little enough time to ride my own bikes. So I am putting it up to see if anyone is interested before I list it on ebay/craigslist

The good
1992 Concours, black with the red pinstripe (almost as fast a color as golddammit)
it has a rifle base with a short homemade screen
PO put in 1.1 Sonic (I think) front springs
Metz 880 front and rear probably about 50% wear so tons of miles yet.
I just pulled the valve cover and everything is still in spec so I did not adjust the valves
I replaced the oil pressure switch as it was bad
oil/filter change as well as the rear diff gear oil

The bad
PO had a high side, that scratched up the plastics on the right side. A couple of tabs are missing and the mid fairing was cracked. I repaired the crack with ABS cement on the inside of the panel.
The right bag had a hole in it and was missing the latch, I patched the hole and got a latch from a member on here. The bags not perfect but it is much better than when I got it.
The upper inner fairing panel was missing, I got one on ebay so now all the panels are there.
The fairing is missing a piece around the right signal as would be expected with this kind of drop and there is a piece missing mid panel where the airwings go.
Apparently at the time of the high side he had Murph's  top over bars on so damage was minimized.

There  is also an oil leak around the balancer shaft, I have the seal just haven't had the time to put it on.

If you are interested drop me a PM or email me at blade46234 at yahoo dot calm.

I will post some pics after I get back home in a few days.

Forgot to add the bike has about 75K miles and is located West side of Indianapolis