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2001 Suzuki Bandit
« on: July 04, 2011, 08:44:21 pm »
I am torn over doing this as yet, but I am going to sell my 2001 Bandit 1200S

Bike has around 7500 miles, I picked it up a few years ago and doubled the mileage, unfortunately the past two years I think I am lucky to have put 300 total on it.
The front and rear are Mich Pilot Road, front has about 200 on it and the rear less than 100.
Front suspension was upgraded to 1.1 Sonics with 15Wt oil
It has a double bubble tinted touring screen and I still have the original as well
Has a Vance and Hines pipe that the original owner put on it.
Currently has Buell pegs as I needed just little more leg room, I still have the stock pegs if you want them
Wired for a battery tender
AGM battery is was put in 2009
Chain and gears are in good shape
I just had the bike serviced as I didn't have time to do it myself. Valve adjust was done, and the carbs were cleaned and set. I know the carbs were done as the bike had always popped on decel, because no one had set them for the VH pipe. Now the bike has no decel pop and it launches like a scalded cat. Had it out on Sunday and pulled a couple inadvertent wheelies when I would pull away from a stop.

Paint is bright and in good condition, there is one small chip on the tank, probably from a zipper at one time.
The only bad thing is the left front signal stock is broken and held together with duct tape. The signal got broken as I was parking the bike in the garage, my left foot slipped on some water on the floor before I got the side stand down. I lost my balance and the bike started to tip over. It ended up leaning on my GF's GS and as a result the left signal caught and snapped.
I have a new signal ready to go on, just haven't had the time to do it.

I am looking to get $2500 OBO. The bike is currently in Spencer IN but I can bring it back to the Indy West side if that would be more convenient for someone.
If you are interested drop me a PM or email at   blade46234 at yahoo dot calm

I will post some pics in a few days when I am not on the road