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Mountain Runner Flash
« on: April 10, 2018, 12:05:37 pm »
Hey guys.  I just updated my ‘09 (stock exhaust/muffler) with Steve’s Mountain Runner flash and I have to tell you,


I wish I had done this a long time ago.  I know Steve has evolved his tunes over the years, so I can’t compare this flash to the evolution or the decel, but, what a difference!  (I also can not compare to Ivan’s or Guhl’s). First off, after starting my bike and letting it get to operating temp, I started some lock to lock figure-eights in my court.  I could tell immediately that the throttle snatch was gone.  Mind you, though I do not have a throttle tamer, I trimmed my stock throttle myself to mimick the T/T, but probably not quite as much, as the throttle snatch was still very noticeable.  But now, it is gone.  The bike was so much easier to maneuver and makes a huge difference in confidence.  It no longer surges at the slightest throttle input. 

So then I rode out of town to test it on some county roads.  There is a huge improvement of low end torque/power/acceleration.  Before, and this drove me nuts, the bike would lag in the lower rpms, as if waiting to go.  When you hit around 3000-3500 rpms, it would start to take off until the afterburners kicked in at 6k.  Now, there is available power at the low rpms when before, there was nothing.  The first time I took off from a stop, I accelerated briskly and the front tire began dancing off of the ground.  I’ve never experienced that before because the lag was so bad. 

Although there is more power on tap, the main takeaway from this flash is SMOOTHNESS.  Rolling off of the throttle feels less abrupt, but the bike still slows nicely under engine braking.  Rolling back on the throttle mid-corner is more controlled, and takes less concentration as it had before with the snatchy throttle.  I am not a knee dragging, tire sliding, aggressive rider.  But I do like to take the bike in the twisties and have fun.  (My chicken strips are there, maybe about 5 mm wide). I think now I’ll have even more confidence in the corners than I did before. 

It does appear that fuel mileage has increased as well.  The display indicated about 48-50 mpg at an indicated speed of 65 mph with a fresh air filter and V-stream windscreen.  I ride with some friends that have 7 gallon tanks on their RT1200’s, so it will be nice to go a little farther on a full tank than I did before. 

I had an excellent experience dealing with Steve.  He was completely professional.  After some brief email correspondence, I sent him my ECU through USPS Priority.  It took two days to get from California to Florida.  He had my ECU about three hours and it was back in the mail.  (Unfortunately, there was a delay getting it back so instead of it taking 3 days as expected by USPS, it took 5). That, of course, is out of Steve’s control. 

My takeaway from this is that if you’ve been considering a reflash, this is by far most bang for the buck upgrade you can do to your bike.  It has really refined the manners and driveability of this machine, and is even more enjoyable to ride. 

There are other flashes out there, so do your research.  Me, I liked Steve’s tuning philosophy.  Check out his website.  He goes in depth regarding his tunes and his history.  It makes for some informative reading. 
2009 GTR 1400 ABS, 48k miles, AMSOIL synthetic 10W-40 (since new), AMSOIL synthetic 75W-90 final drive (since new). Helibar Horizons, Oxford heated grips, V-Stream windscreen, Mountain Runner Flash, Brian’s low fuel eliminator farkle, ST2 smart brake module and smart turn system, Two Brothers Black Series M5 w/P1X decibel killer.