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Re: Hearing aids
« Reply #45 on: June 20, 2018, 08:46:12 am »
Medicare / Medicaid will not pay for hearing aids.

This year, my personal health insurance will pay $560 for each ear; this year only because I have exceeded my 'out of pocket' maximum expenditure. So essentially the hearing aids I just sent back did not cost me anything. Still, no need to spend <anyone's> money on something that did / does not work.


Won't be too long before you can get Medicare to pay for them will it?  ::)
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Re: Hearing aids
« Reply #46 on: June 20, 2018, 09:34:38 am »
I usually pull my hearing aids out when riding ,  I have only been wearing the right one lately because the left one seems to do nothing, but yesterday I made a short run to the dealer and I left my one hearing aid in and I believe since it has the noise canceling in my hearing aid it was actually a lot quieter than riding  without it, so today when I go to pick up the bike I’m gonna wear both of them in the helmet and see what that’s like.

I know I need some new ones so instead Of buying the Bluetooth capable ones that are over the ear I’m just going to buy in the canal HA again,the best I can get and use those from now on and see how that works.

I did use the loaner set fromOne hearing aid center here in town and they were worked pretty well,sitting in my house with the door open the little Tweety birds outside drove me crazy for a few hours because I haven’t heard that for many years. I like some of you guys I can’t get past the thought of paying $6200 for the set.