Author Topic: pepper season 2018 is on...  (Read 450 times)


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pepper season 2018 is on...
« on: June 20, 2018, 07:19:46 pm »
well, if you do a search here for "pepper", you'll see past years of hot goodness...

2018 is a new season, and tho I totally hosed myself on my beginnings, I recouped, and hope for the best...
just ate the first fruit, a simple Hungarian Hot Banana pepper... and it was deeeeee licious... whew... bring on the ice cream kids, come August, we'll be screaming...
this years crop...

2018 pepper list....
2 sources, small to 5" plants, in 4" starter pots.

source #1
3x Habanero
6x Ghost "Bhut Jalokia"
3x Jalapeno
2x Hungarian Hot Banana
3x Varigated "Gypsy" sweet, (will get hot on cross pollination)

source #2
2x Carolina Reaper
1x Chocolate Bhut Jalokia
1x Red Bhut Jalokia
1x Hot Nygar Inferno
1x Red Red Ghost Scorpian
1x Golden Ghost
1x Trinidad Moruga Scorpian
1x Red Hot Carribian (very hot)
1x Chocolate Habanero

total of 14 different seed strains
2 sources
27 plants total.

I slipped up on all my propagated seedlings, and neglected to

spray/water them at the 2" high point for only 3 days, in my bottom
heated mini greenhouse, and killed everything...
12 different seed strains, and over 70 total plants...
most of which I had dedicated seeds from prior harvests,
which were not physically obtainable in plant form..

not too worried tho, next year I'll do better...

bring it on, show us what ya got...  :popcorn: :stirpot: :banana :banana :yikes:

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