Author Topic: Hawaii votes to allow motorcycle shoulder passing  (Read 3281 times)

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Re: Hawaii votes to allow motorcycle shoulder passing
« Reply #30 on: July 22, 2018, 10:59:39 pm »
One thing about the proposed Hawaii law change... it looks like the permission is to take the shoulder to the nearest exit anyhow.   
 i.e. not permission to go bombing down the right side of other drivers for mile and miles.  It's actually a nice attempt to allow motorcycles to get the hell of a jammed road.  Their roadways are fairly narrow if I remember correctly.  I hope the proposal passes.  It's a move in a good direction.
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Re: Hawaii votes to allow motorcycle shoulder passing
« Reply #31 on: July 23, 2018, 08:58:52 pm »

I do know for a fact tho, that prior to my move, it WAS a moving violation to be paired up at a stop light/sign/intersection; I was sitting in the right half of my lane (left lane, for left turn on arrow signal) at a light, waiting for a clear shot to turn left, correctly positioned, and had some Pirate roll up next to me on the left, so he could take advantage of the turn when I turned, simultaneously... and when we both turned, about 200 feet down the road we were stopped by a local LEO, who was sitting at the intersection..watching it all happen..while talking on his cell phone....(who by the way, turned on his lights, and siren, just so he could run the red light he was sitting at, to catch us, and ticket us..)..

I talked my way out of it, as I explained "I did nothing wrong... ticket the other guy....I don't know him from Shirley Temple, and as you clearly watched him roll up in place, and complete the turn, and pursued to accommodate, it's a no brainer", which he promptly did... and I lucked out...  I guess being fully geared up, and older, and on a quiet proper motorcycle may have played in also...

Aside that I think it a bit of a chickensh*t stop and stupid law, the LEO would be a fool and most likely out of policy not to hit his lights & siren to clear an intersection.  Most LEOs prepare/expect some riders to blast off and burn them, so they tend to jet after bikes harder than cars.  I know I’ve been burned more times than I can remember making stops on bikes in a patrol car.  Less so as a motor officer, but even then, it wasn’t uncommon.  In this case, he could simply have been trying to get to the “violators” quickly.  Of course, I wasn’t there.  I’m just offering a different POV based on my experience.

And though I wouldn’t use them on duty, out here LEOs are exempt from the cell phone law.  I didn’t like that exemption, though, because it was only supposed to be during the course of actual law enforcement duties and I’ve seen countless LEOs on the phone.  For me, it seemed hypocritical.  I did have some success a few times bypassing dispatch and talking to a witness reporting various offenses directly to intercept a drunk/reckless/dangerous driver.

I've never been a proponent of side by side riding, even here in Ohio, and I can count the number of times where after stopping behind someone I was riding with, slowly rolled up adjacent to let them know something, but never pulled away from a light simultaneously. I still stop behind a stopped rider, set off to the side so I can see their face and eyes in their mirror (so I know they can see me), every time I come upon this scenario.

It takes a lot of practice and faith in the other person to ride side by side.  I even hesitate when a rider moves over to the right wheel track as a catch him/her from behind.  We’ve always trained side by side; however, when the road narrows in the twisties, we back off and stagger. 
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