Author Topic: New Africa Twin Adventure Sports probably will be my C14 replacement  (Read 1941 times)

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Re: New Africa Twin Adventure Sports probably wil by my C14 replacement
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Are those your birds?

I met a guy a few years back at Rolling Thunder that has a Scarlet Macaw that rides with him everywhere he goes. He was on a custom chopper (no windshield or fairing). Said he rode from NH to DC with his Macaw on his shoulder the whole way. He said he started riding with him tucked in his jacket when the bird was very young in order to get him used to riding. Over time, the bird would venture out of his jacket and began perching on his shoulder. Now he has been riding for several years.

No, those aren't my birds. I did have a blue fronted Amazon parrot for 30 years though, Barney was 35 when he died in 2009.

Here's Barney and Agnes having a 'discussion'.

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