Author Topic: Inexpensive Fork Emulators for a C-10  (Read 126 times)

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Inexpensive Fork Emulators for a C-10
« on: January 08, 2019, 10:09:07 am »
In another discussion about Race Tech Emulators someone posted these "damper valves" as an inexpensive alternative to Emulators. Their offered for a 41 mm shock that is used on Harleys.. Which is the same size/design forks as our C-10's..

Did a little research: I think their a Chinese copy of the Race Tech's, but they are sold from the USA and are not shown as coming from China?
        The spring in these is compatible {in force} to the Race Tech {Blue Spring} and the Dampers seem to be
          a very similar design to the Gold valve Emulators. Even the wording/images of the instructions are the same as the Race Tech's..

NOTE:  Race tech sells their Gold Valves for about $150 and these are nearly identical.
             The original Ebay posting had these in the $49 range {plus shipping}.
             I found them for $39 {plus shipping}, so I decided to give them a try.             

Original posting;

$39 Posting;

Ride safe, Ted

PS: Ignore the Harley part. They fir our C-10's perfectly.  :rotflmao: