Author Topic: 2008 concours ecm & fobs  (Read 420 times)

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2008 concours ecm & fobs
« on: May 19, 2019, 12:18:33 pm »
First of all I and new here and would thank you for your add to your group. I just bought a 2008 concours from the original owner he misplaced the fobs. Kawasaki dealer says I have to have a new ecm and I understand from what I have read that’s true. But the ecm with matching fobs for a 08/09 is no longer available. And no one on eBay will sale you a used ecm with matching fobs. I have a title for my bike but does me no good. So if anyone can help I would Appreciate it


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Re: 2008 concours ecm & fobs
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2019, 03:43:16 pm »
why.... did you purchase this?

it's not a trick question, and means a lot.

you will need a "kit", which is an ECU, and pre linked FOBS... to make this all work..

I will give you the number shortly, but this all needs to be "programmed' to the existing bike, by a dealership, using the KDS3 programming module, which should run you about a half hour of "shop time" in labor charges..
hang tigh, I'll give you the Kaw p/n for the "kit"...

the "kit" is

runs a high price, from Ron Ayers, the best "new part" vendor..
21175-0183  superceded by 21175-0729 (for the '09 version, but they are the same...)

it is an ECU, and 2 active FOBS, pre linked to the ECU, as a package... and must be installed and registered to link with on board systems, by a Kaw dealer as noted prior...

get in touch with Jamie...
he has a set...

and be very happy to pay that, hell, I almost bought it as a spare.. for O-sheet reasons..

I think you need to re assess the purchase price, of a machine, that was basically a "lump", of non operating metal, by whom ever sold it to you...   big price to pay out of pocket..... I think that should have come off the sale price..

now comes into play, all the "keys", the actual ones you will need.. the stove knob in the ignition switch, is the main "don't loose this" part, other keys ( made from Kaw blanks that fit into the individual fobs, for use on the bags, and tank) are available, so don't "eff" up that stove knob key...

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