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Might as well
« on: May 19, 2019, 08:18:34 am »
Real name is Jeff. Been keeping an eye on the c14 and fjr for a couple years. Financial advisor (aka wifey, war department, etc) finally gave the thumbs up this spring. Not very common bikes around north west Indiana. Too bad I don’t want a HD, there’s thousands for sale everywhere! After many miles between dealerships and plenty of test rides I leaned toward the Kaw but the feejer does pull the front up much easier.  Got out of work early on April fools day and went to Milwaukee area as there was a couple dealers that had a couple 14s each. Passed on a beat up 2013 and an 09 at the first joint, second place had my ride.

2012 black with 7200 miles for $7200. Test ride, sign, then wait till that Saturday to grab it cause it wouldn’t fit in my mazda3. Great 3 hour ride home to find the windshield loose? Missing one of the rubber strips that slips over the 3 holes on the mount. Ordered, fixed. Crap weather pretty steady since I got it. After I put 800 miles on it I see I lost the big fairing bolt right side. Check all other visible bolts and all fairing bolts loose😬
Pulled bolt from front of plastic tank cover near triples (same part numbers, plastic washer too) and used a similar bolt and washer from my spec bolt kit for my kx for the tank cover till I can order the proper pieces.
With 1k on the seat now, all I can say is these are fantastic machines. A bit more fiddling to make it fit better, different windshield, slip-on and sisf flash to come over time.
Nice site. I see Connie’s and Vmax attracts the same group of riders.