Author Topic: starter won't disengage  (Read 2286 times)

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Re: starter won't disengage
« Reply #30 on: June 30, 2019, 05:41:24 am »
That picture was taken 20 years ago. 

As for myself, American father, English mother, born in Swindon at a USAF hospital that was there at the time.  Heading to England next year, hopefully.  It's been over 50 years since I set foot on English soil and smelled English air and ate English food.  It will be a very emotional time for me.

Had a lot of issues getting a US passport.  Lost my Certificate of Citizenship and all the important documents I have are copies.  The postmaster rolled her eyes when I was applying for it and basically said 'Good Luck'.  And through some good luck and a good friend I finally got it issued.  With that I also got my real id for my driver's licence as well.

As far as humour goes, I totally understand the British version and quite prefer that actually.  It can be very quick and hard to miss if you aren't listening well.
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