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Update your passwords...
« on: October 04, 2019, 04:49:32 am »
Google is now checking passwords that have been compromised in past data breaches.  I found 5 of mine that were and have since been changed.  These are passwords/Ids cached with Chrome.  Not sure about the other browsers.  I know that FireFox caches ids and passwords.  There's also another non-Google method outlined in the article.  I've switched to two factor authentication wherever it's offered.  Saved my a** on ebay, it did.

And yes, there's always that thought that what if a hacker gains access to the password cache used in the browsers.  I know that there are other password vaults out there but the same thing can be said for them.  Anything on line or in the 'cloud' could be breached.  Which brings me to another tirade against large on-line vendors whom I consider idiots when it comes to security.  There are devices and policies that can prevent on-line breaches.  They are costly of course, but not as costly as recovering from an on-line breach.  I'm in IT and I know protections exist, my company sells them but invariably the vendors/companies don't want to pay for the protection.  Probably over 50% of breaches occur because of access compromises that no one is paying attention to.  My personal opinion on on-line breaches would be to find the internal IT and corporate folks responsible and put them in jail.

Of course for the paranoids amongst us, this is all a plot for the Man to get us again.
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