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C10 Extended Foot Controls
« on: March 27, 2020, 04:47:22 pm »
Got some unexpected time off, so cleaning out the shop.

If you know C10 peg lowering brackets, you know that in addition to putting the pegs lower, they also put them forward which can cramp larger-hoofed riders.  I bought these several years back, so forgive my poor memory... but I believe they are from a 80s Kaw bike.  I know they're from a Kaw, and I know they fit the C10.

As I recall, one of the reasons I wanted the shift lever was that it's made of mild steel so could be cut/added to/welded.  (unlike the Connie lever which is made of cast pot aluminum)

Make me an offer.  I just don't want to throw them out if someone can use them. 

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