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« on: October 13, 2020, 12:52:09 am »
2005 COG National Rally in Centralia, WA vid. Back in the day, this was how COG rallies were run. 20 miles from Rally HQ, not a Connie is sight. Only when near Rally HQ did they appear. We rode, and we rode big time.

Larry Lerranth is no longer with us mortals. Rest in peace bud, I truly enjoyed our rides together.
Same for Jim Pavlis, keep yer can of spray foam at the ready.

You'll see my ugly mug (and bike) in several shots. My bike is two tone... Green main fairing, Wineberry everything else. I'm often mugging for the camera. "... And in the orange shirt, so you know he's evil"  ;)

Other than Jim and Larry, if anyone knows of anyone else that has past away, post here with a short bio if you can.

At 10:36 into the vid, or 6:12 remaining, crank it up to 12. Thirteen if your amp will allow it.

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Re: Flashback
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2020, 08:19:24 am »
Thanks Rick.
Was nice to once again see Grumpy Jim, Gene, Noel, Carl Mettler, that beanpole Dutch feller :rotflmao: and of course yourself. ;D

I last saw Jim in 2012 when he rode down to Linda's and took me on a Saturday mystery tour of the backroads of San Luis Obispo County.
On the Sunday we (Linda, Eddie, Jim and I) rode up to Carmel and did the PCH back to Paso Robles. Oh to ride that road on my C14!!!

I saw Marc last year in Vijlen, Netherlands at the GCE Rally. He is just as pretty as always. :D

Has anyone heard from Gene, Noel or Carl recently? I last saw them in Klamath Falls in 2001.
George "Boomer" Garratt
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Re: Flashback
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2020, 08:49:45 am »
Sadly, that is one of the National's I missed.
But, like Boomer, I have to mention, "Marc {the Duckman} Kleefstra".
OtP was in it's infancy and he was our victim that year.
I think he was OtP Traveler #3 or #4 and is seen in a lot of the photo's. {Tall/lanky/balding/green shirt}
Marc's still with us and I was fortunate enough to ride with him when we went OtP with Al and Charlie.

Remembering 1 that is gone. Many will remember; John Roper / TCARS..
I think I saw him in 1 photo on the video.
John was at most of the first COG Nationals I attended.
    {with a smile on his face, a raunchy Ceegar, and some of Kentucky's finest}..
  I still miss him..

Ride safe, Ted

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Re: Flashback
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2020, 12:02:44 pm »
Hi RIck,

Thanks for posting the wmf once again. It brought back good memories.
I loved the western states of the USA back in '05 and ever since I have said I will return one day. I'm sure I will return one day, but whether it'll be in the western States or (an)other states is yet to be decided. Well you've been in the program and came back to Europe as well, so why not me the other way 'round.

I said it then and I'll sya it again: Thanks to everyone who contributed to the OtP program. It is a great program and should continue "for ever on" meaning as long as possible.

CU Duckman