Author Topic: woops, found out about the FJR  (Read 26493 times)

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Re: woops, found out about the FJR
« Reply #45 on: December 07, 2011, 03:14:12 am »
FJR came with a much smaller windscreen, I assume for that "sportbike" look.

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Re: woops, found out about the FJR
« Reply #46 on: February 14, 2012, 06:14:23 am »
Hi again,
I obviously read your post a few times, but I still didn't make out what you meant. Hence my question: why did you write "and requires valve checks at 25,000 miles, not 7,500 miles."? It is clear that you mean that the FJR needs the valve job at 25 k miles, but why the reference to 7,500 miles? That's the part I didn't get. It seems that by exclusion you believe that the C14 needs a valve job at 7500 miles, which is the part that I think is not correct, my number being 26,000 miles or 42,000 km according to my manual. Care to elaborate? :)

That is NOT what I said... 

The FJR is scheduled for valve checks at 25,000 miles, Not valve jobs, etc...  Most do NOT need adjustment at that mileage (unless seriously dogged).  To my understanding, the 1400 requires valve checks sooner. I know its considerably easier to get to the valve cover on the FJR to do the checks..

As for 5 or 6 speeds, if the 6 gear was an actual overdrive, that would be great and welcome.  If 6th is geared the same on the top end as a five speed, you'll get a little more acceleration (my FZ6 is a 6 speed) but your just shifting alot more...

 The second generation FJR, the top end gearing is slightly changed lowering highway RPM's some...

I can say both Kawaski and Yamaha address most issues/problems that come up... 

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