Author Topic: C14 'The Bike' POSTING Guidelines - READ THIS NOW!  (Read 27045 times)

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C14 'The Bike' POSTING Guidelines - READ THIS NOW!
« on: May 16, 2011, 04:34:23 am »
Hello and welcome to the C14 boards.  Here are the rules...

  • No political or religion discussions of any sort will be tolerated
  • Keep it clean and minimize the usage of  profanity such as  :censored: :censored: and  :censored:
  • In other words, we talk about the bike (engine, electrical, top speed, oil, tires, etc.)
  • Farkelizing and modifications of any sort go here...
  • Discussions that get out of hand will be locked or sent to the Arena or nuked depending on the situation, without warning.
  • There is no rule 6
  • Posting of images and videos should be MC related for the most part.
  • Please make the subject line descriptive of what you are talking about in the post.  It really does help.
  • Please get back with us on outcome's of dealer repairs.  We get irritable when we don't hear back on the final outcome.
  • Please post mileage and the year of bike when asking technical questions.  It helps with the diagnosis and witty answers.
  • At some point you will be made fun of.  Take it in stride.
  • Speling counts
  • Please don't post copyrighted materials
  • Please keep it civil with the responses.  If you can't or unwilling to do this, threads will be locked and you will be warned.
  • Sarcasm, Cynicism, and Humor/Humour are much appreciated.  This is rule 25.
Please visit the FAQs for the C14 here,  before you ask a question that's been answered a hundred times before:  You may just find an answer, but it's still ok to ask it again.  See rule 11.

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