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Vacation drop (x2)
« on: August 29, 2011, 10:17:11 am »
Took my '08 C14 on a 4200 mile vacation recently.  Had two unfortunate events:

1.  Doing a left U-Turn out of a parking spot at Bald River Falls on Cherohala Parkway in Tennessee, some pedestrians took my "turn space" away.  A touch on the brakes and watching the pedestrians off my right shoulder led me to a simple "no speed" drop on her left side.  Let her down softly with minor scratches on the left mirror, left fore-fairing, left lower fairing, and left saddle bag cover.

2.  The next day, I guess I'm spooked...  We are entering the Blue Ridge Parkway at Cherokee, NC.  The nice "Entering the Blue Ridge Parkway" sign is just too nice of a picture to pass up.  So I pull over on the dirt/gravel space in front of the sign to get the bike+sign photo.  Got the picture fine, but when attempting to pull the bike out of the pull off, the pavement has a 2 inch step up from the dirt with a blind cure from the right.  With the speed stolen from the step up onto the pavement and my worried eyes keeping close watch on the blind curve to my right, I drop her going barely 2mph on her left side again.  More scratches to the left mirror, left fore fairing, left lower fairing and left saddle bag.

From the other drop stories on here, I am surprised the left mirror remained attached.  But from all I can tell, the only damage is the scratches in the plastic....

Great vacation overall though!  St Louis, Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, Chi-Cheemaun Ferry, around the north side of Lake Huron and Lake Superior, Duluth Minnesota, St Louis!  Quite the scenic and enjoyable bike ride!