Author Topic: CA: Bay Area (May 21 Livermore) BARF EVENT  (Read 2453 times)

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CA: Bay Area (May 21 Livermore) BARF EVENT
« on: May 12, 2011, 08:41:17 am »
I plan to ride into this event. Looks like fun



Barf Bash 2011 -- Sat, May 21st in Livermore
As a part of Livermore Moto Safety and Awareness Day we are going to take over the other side of the park and

When: Sat, May 21st from 11-ish to 4:30-ish.

Where: Carnegie Park downtown Livermore, between 3rd & 4th and J & K streets. Map here.

Who: Everyone is invited!!! Ride there or cage there, caravan or carpool... just be there!

Normal barf fun:

~Slow Race
~DedRinger will play some rock.
~A special appearance of barf members playing tunes as well.

We will figure more out as the month unfolds....So more info to come, but I wanted to get this out.. so you can save the date.

Barf Sponsors are welcome to attend.. pitch a tent for free and do your thingy!

**Edit ~ ( cue Spock voice ) "Captain - Incoming Message"

Slow Race - This will take place on the Libmo PD Course, you will be asked to sign a waiver and you will receive a raffle ticket when you try. We will have someone there to make sure you're on our list too.. for the big glory of barf's slowest motomofo and the $50 first prize.

Team Slow Race - This will start at 3PM. Get your two slowest friends to do this with you. One shot at it and you have to tag your partner as you get to start your ride. If one drops a foot then the team is DQ'd. So the time may not be the biggest deal as we see lots of slow ass riders touch their toes. So being smart might be the big payoff. If LiBmo PD decides to enter (they have been invited) they only get two riders.  $150 bucks to winning team.

The raffle works like this. Visit one of the LiBmo PD safety displays they will issue you a ticket. Do the DMV course you get a ticket. Do the slow race you get a ticket. Etc.

So being active will get you into the raffle.

Besides the prizes from LiBmo guys, barf is throwing in:
* PTT Trackday
* ZZ Trackday
* 2 SPOT tracking devices
* Barf Zippo
* Shirt or ten!

Also in attendance will be several barf sponsors and Anthony Alonso, Uniform Speed, the TAAFE Bike, and Berto from barf racing assuming he is OK to show.. he had a bad sexual experience with someone else's R6 at the last race.. see pic below and this link for the full sequence.
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Re: CA: Bay Area (May 21 Livermore) BARF EVENT
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2008 C14 GTR1400 AKA "Connie"