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Customer service
« on: September 30, 2011, 11:05:45 am »
This is a true story that happened at my work place quite sometime back.

I work for a big multi-national software company that has over 100,000 employs. We have offices in India among other countries, where we outsource some of our work (heck ! most of it). Now, most of the software folks from India are pretty well aware of international stuff - difference culture, etc. Well, to cut cost even more, the big shots up top decided to hire some business analyst. So, they hired folks that were working in some native Indian firm and some of them are kind of like the hicks here in US - not aware at all of anything outside their own little world.

Two of these guys were sent over to US for some training. They were given some basic training what to expect and what not, but not sure how much of it stuck to their head. When they got here, as usual, they bought calling cards to call their family in India. One night, one of them was trying to call India and for some reason, he was not able to connect. It frustrated him no end for not being able to talk to his family. Then he recalled somewhere he heard (maybe the training!) to call 911 for any problems. So, he dialed 911. When the dispatcher responded, not understanding what he/she said, he immediately hung up ! Next thing they knew, there was a knock at their door. The guy who dialed 911 did not hear it (assuming ear phones on), so his roommate (the other guy), went to answer the door. As soon as he opened the door, four policemen jumps on him ! One throws him against the wall, one pointing a gun at him, and a third frisking him ! The guy was scared out the crap ! He has no clue what is going on. Finally, the policemen realized this is probably not what they were thinking and asked him who called 911. The guy said, I did not, but my room mate might have. So, he goes to the other room and asks his room mate 'did you call 911?' And his room mate says, 'yeah, isn't that the customer service number?'
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