Author Topic: Basic Igntion Stuff for the C10  (Read 3715 times)

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Basic Igntion Stuff for the C10
« on: November 12, 2011, 08:44:33 am »
There are a couple of very cheap ways to make sure your Ignition is up to it. First check that your Coils are getting nearly the same as battery voltage when key is on. If it is much more than .5v difference, you may want to check your connections, and trace the voltage from the battery to the Ignition switch back to the fuse Junction block, and on tho the Ignitior. Then Check both the Primary and Secondary resistance of both coils, and then the Boot that attaches to the plug, as it contains a resistor. If you have the Original plug wires, get new 7mm hypalon plug wire, available by the foot and 4' is plenty. You can replace it easily for a couple of bucks. It just screws on at each end, check the little screw post at the Boot and Coil. A spray can of Silicone spray will help get the old stuff apart, as well as back together. Just use a small screw driver under the protective outer sleeve, then spay. It'll come off, and spray again to go back on. Don't run a Spark plug that has an "R" in the part # as these are resistor plugs, you already have a resistor in your Boot that goes down on the plug. So D8ES, not DR8ES. This will give a Hotter Spark, simple stuff. You can get more spark energy for your older Concours, if there were issues.
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Re: Basic Igntion Stuff for the C10
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Thanks for the info. Ihave considered putting new wires on my sons bike. Never took the time to check out what i needed to dothe deed.

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