Author Topic: Fairing Extenders & AirWings  (Read 6093 times)

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Fairing Extenders & AirWings
« on: May 18, 2011, 10:28:38 pm »
Kawasaki sells Fairing Extenders that increase the pocket of still air in the cockpit. They mount to the fairing's trailing edge and work as spoilers to push air further away from the cockpit. Kawasaki also sells a version of the airwing.

BakerBuilt makes different airwings specifically for the Concours.

Mike (GTI20VTurbo) created the hi-tech/homemade airwing. At least they look hi-tech. I don't know what the vortex generators contribute but they look terrific. The wing isn't adjustable but its trailing edge is bent to direct air towards the pilot.

I found these on a bike for sale on eBay. This owner added homemade adjustable airwings to the Kawasaki Fairing Extenders for added cold/wet weather protection with the option of directing cooling air into the cockpit when temps rise. Very smart. Look at the pictures titled "Found on eBay".

Wayne Wilson made his own homemade "Foot Wings".