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Cushy For Your Tushy or Damn, I need a better seat.
« on: May 18, 2011, 10:32:55 pm »

UPDATED: 1/3/2016

Now as stock seats go the Concours has one of the best. Kawasaki just didn't figure on us keeping our bikes for so long and riding our bikes so far. Plus Connie ouwners come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. As good as the seat is, one size doesn't fit all. Luckily in this department we have lots of choices.

Being a large owner I needed a seat to take me past the 1 hour wall. I did the research, asked questions, sat on lots of Connies with different seats, and I ordered a Russell Daylong. It was like I was sitting in God's palm. It doubled my seat time. The Russell seat has an actual suspension system. They use a flat steel spring under the foam. For heavyweights, we know who we are, they can add an additional spring.

The Corbin tends to be on the hard side taking over 1,000 miles to break in, if ever.. They build them on their own seatpans to a Corbin model unless you can go to their facility for a fitting so they aren't technically custom. For riders who like a firm seat the Corbin is nirvana. Kawasaki cribbed the Corbin's profile in '94 but not the firmness. The Corbin is maginally wider than stock but dished more with the "pocket" further back than stock. Good for tall riders but bad for shorter ones. It makes for a longer reach to the bars. It also shortens the pillion for the passenger. Still, it is the most popular Concours aftermarket seat and a valued feature come time to sell.

Russell, and both Mayer companies take your weight, and height into consideration. They require photographs of you seated on your bike so they can adjust the seat to your posture. They also do Drive-In fittings. Their trademark feature is the wide bucket seat. Some say it looks like a tractor seat. Love the look or hate it, one thing is undeniable. It's comfortable as all get out. All three seats were designed by the late Bill Mayer (Daylong and both Mayers). Papa Bill designed the spring suspension seat but sold the patent to Russell. He designed a new seat using foams of different densities to duplicate the support of the spring. Rival sons Rick and Rocky can't violate Russell's patent so they use variations of Dad's last design. Externally the Mayer brothers' seats are more stylish than the Daylong but ultimately its the comfort that counts. You'll have to decide that for yourselves.
Ultimately it's the butt that has to be pleased. My Security Squad butt is happier on the Russell DayLong. I have over 20,000 miles on it and its as comfortable as it was on the day I opened the box. The seat's "wings" reach up and cup your butt to distribute the rider's weight from hip to hip and not concentrate it in the middle like other seats. It's a long range seat. All four companies build solo and dual bucket saddles. Corbin deep dishes the pilot's seat but the pillion's to a lesser degree. The Mayer brothers and Russell will provide full width saddles at the pillion for an additional fee.

Another issue is seat height and fore/aft position. This will affect your reach to the bars and pegs. Before any cash trades hands you should contact the manufacturer and discuss these issues. Many of them are small operations so chances are you'll be speaking with the owner or the person that builds your seat. During the fall or winter they're easier to contact. They sometimes close shop during the summer to attend bike shows and rallies to hawk their wares.

Now just because I'm bullish on the Daylong doesn't mean the other seats aren't any good. All are quality products made by skilled craftsmen. They carve foam and stitch upholstery like Michaelangelo. Having said that remember, looks aren't everything. One warning, with the exception of Corbin, most aftermarket seats tend to be thicker than stock giving the rider a longer reach to the ground. Specify that you want the stock seat height and they'll accommodate you. I suggest going to some COG rides and asking owners their thoughts and maybe sitting on a few different seats. When you sit on the right one you'll know. Happiness is a comfy tush. Maybe you'll have to make your own happiness by modifying the stock seat. Lots of info out there to help you do that. Just like changing the handlebars or moving the peg position. It's all part of "building the perfect beast".

All the following make seats, seat pads, or covers. (Corbin) (Bill Mayers) (Russell Day-Long Seats) (Rich's Custom Seats) (Butt Buffer) (Seat Pads) (Comfort & Ergonomics)

The following sites contain useful info on modifying the stock seat. (ultimate seat mod site) (homemade gel seat) (building a seat from Rebond Foam) (modifying ZRX seat) (Seat Info & Service) (Raw Gel Pads) (FTS Foam Pads) (Seat Covers)
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Re: Cushy For Your Tushy or Damn, I need a better seat.
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2018, 10:04:24 am »
Pro Pad also has some extremely comfortable motorcycle seat pads