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Bobtailed Connies
« on: May 18, 2011, 10:41:54 pm »
And when I find that joker with the knife I'll.....................

I bobbed my rear fender to match the bottom of the bags. It looks sportier, makes changing the rear tire easier, and cut aerodynamic drag. Oh Hell, it just looks cool. Here are some examples. There are even more in my album.

I cut the fender without removing it. I used a Dremel Tool with a spiral cutting bit because I have one but a small hand saw would work too.

Some people worry about increased water spray (rooster tail). Well all I can say is that it's a motorcycle and in the rain motorcycles get wet. Their pilots get wet too. I wouldn't worry about a back stripe. The bike moves forward faster than the water can. Besides, the remaining fender under the tail will keep it off your back. If you have a trunk that will block some spray. It's the tailgating cage or truck behind you that will catch the rooster tail in the "face." Not a bad thing actually. Might keep them farther back.