Author Topic: Over the Pond XI (2012) Nominee's (Campaign)  (Read 14976 times)

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Re: Over the Pond XI (2012) Nominee's (Campaign)
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Hi all,

Another interesting year of  "Over the Pond".

We NOW have a winner......

We NOW have a runner-up....  and

we NOW have three who finshed in 3rd place.....

I must say it was a "very" nice race......

there was a lot of stirrin and nice comments

and a lot of support notes from the five friends.....

as usuall I won´t give any figures from the poll since

I think

all the candidates deserves to be The traveler.

It´s an honour to be nominated!

To get a lot of votes in the poll is also an honour!

The honour is members appreciation of what You have done!

Who are they......

The winner of the OTP XI traveler is.......(wait a minute I have to
recalculate again)....hmmmm,

"Drum Roll"

The winner candidate  to go "Over the Pond" 2012 is Darrell Anderson from
Stevenson, WA !!!!!!!!!

The 1-st runner - up is Brian Snowberg from Mahtomedi, MN 
The 3rd place winners are (in alphabetacal order) Mike Aldea from Hawthorne, NJ; Chris Baum from Lincoln, NE and Harry Martin from Casper, WY!
We in the OTP team congratulate all candidates and are looking forward to
support Darrell Anderson in his planning of the trip to EU......

We have three bikes pledged in different areas in EU and the GCE rally is in
Dolomites mountain range in Italy......

but, if we are to succed we need more PLEDGES!!!!!!

Hans in Sweden

OTP boss