Author Topic: 2012 ZRX1200 back to USofA?  (Read 1675 times)

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2012 ZRX1200 back to USofA?
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:58:58 am »
Could it be?
Stolen from another thread, always loved this bike.
No likey the gold wheels.

=Horrid Japanese to English translation:

level offers an Aurora Australia capabilities, such as styling ZRX1200 DAEG unit water-cooled 4-cylinder DOHC16 valve engine with double cradle frame-based and stable under all conditions urban highway, winding, driving performance and at the same time, storage capacity, bored and loading of the luggage, travel expenses and high comfort of not. Body performance does making the engine a compact riding position, smooth and while the dynamic character, rider, manipulative way. ZRX1200 DAEG is a machine is assured in all aspects of aim "sporty,", oneness, feeling that "manipulating" gives riders.
2012 Model 400 as the Kawasaki regular instruction store special specification car limited, lime green special have a special coating parts including color & graphics, adopting special tuck roll sheet model. In addition, ZRX 1200 Öhlins manufactured rear shock is designed for DAEG set and then sold at a special price.

The main changes from the standard model
-Included Öhlins manufactured rear shock
  -Adopt gold color コンプレッションアジャ star as a special
  -Equipped with 20-stage pressure-side damping force adjustment mechanism
  -In addition to the 30 stages, side damping force adjustment mechanism, with height adjustment mechanism
  -Equipped with stepless プリロードアジャ star single nut type
-Heat capacity reservoir tanks, "to demonstrate the effect of reduction of slump
-Change color & graphics
-Adoption of tuck roll sheet ( standard ratio seat down 5 )
-Adopt the Groove with machined rings, gold coating to fuel tank cap
-Adopt a フラットメタリック gray painted フロントフォークブ bracket, handle holder
-Adopt a silver anodized aluminum handlebars
-Adopted the gold-colored aluminum solid emblem フューエルタンクエンブレム
-Adopt a flat black paint Mikuni cover
-Adopt a フラットメタリック gray paint engine cover to valve cover
-Adopt a blue anodized coating フロントフォーク top Cap
-Adopt a ファントムシルバー paint フロントフォークアウター tube and swing arm
-Adopt a アルマイトシルバー sleeve エキセントリックチェーンアジャ star
-Adopted the gold paint around the brake caliper
-Adopted the gold paint around the wheel

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