Author Topic: Over the Pond XI (2012) "Ride Planning in Progress"  (Read 1645 times)

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Over the Pond XI (2012) "Ride Planning in Progress"
« on: April 08, 2012, 12:52:32 pm »
I talked with Darrell yesterday. He's pleased and excited to be the Winner for this years Over the Pond.

Bernd/Gie/Hans are actively planning the ride.
I've been acting as go-between Darrel and the Eu group to help with the scheduling.
Darrel has been giving us feedback on his wants...
Harry has been goodfing off as usual!!
   (Hans, please Flog Harry)......

As of now,,, Nothing is finalized,, but the tentative plan is for Darrell to arrive in Frankfort Germany to pick up his bike and start the Ride.
If it all goes as planned.... During the ride,,, he wil ride from Germany to Italy and return to Germany.... "WOW"!!!

NOTE: This year, Darrell is planning a FIRST for "OtP"!
          He plans to have his wife meet him during the second week to share the adventure.
           Brave man,, that Darrell..... "SasaaaaLlluuuuttttttttee"!!!!!!

More info later... Ride safe, Ted

PS: YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE!!!! Pat yourselves on the back!  (Except for Harry)... <sly grin>  8)
      Makes me proud to be a member of this club!!!

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Re: Over the Pond XI (2012) "Ride Planning in Progress"
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 08:43:38 am »

Quick OtP Update: Planning is continuing.
                           Darrell has plane tickets, bike, and route set up.
                           His Wife will meet him while he's there to ride with him.
                           Brian Snowberg will be going with Darrell as his Tag-A-long.
                           Darrell has plane tickets, bike, and route set up.
                           All will be arriving at different locations.
                          The OtP team is working feeverishly to make all the arrangements.
                           Geez,,, I sure hope this all works out!!!!!

We still need Pledges and pledge money to cover Darrells trip.
We now have a new way to talk you  out of your hard earned money.. Seebelow:   <evil grin>   

Raffle of a harbour Freight Tire Changer w/motorcycle tire adapter

Rob has offered a Harbour Freight Tire Changer to be Raffled to bring in funds. Chances are $10 per.
I will get more details, but "I think" the drawing of the lucky name will be at the National in Eureka Springs.

To get into this, go to this site and follow the instructions...,34933.0/topicseen.html

Ride safe, Ted

PS: I intend to win the tire changer......