Author Topic: Ninja 1000 - Kickass low end torque, no Connie replacement though!  (Read 1840 times)

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Kawasaki's ticket to ride was in town this weekend, so I went today.

Rode a ZG1400.  Felt like an old friend (which suprised me actually), with a somewhat smoother shift/engine.  I'll probably upgrade to one eventually, but in the meantime I'll keep my C10 due to the better fuel economy.

Hopped on the Ninja 1000 as well.  First the good.  That engine has some SERIOUS low end torque (damn near neck snapping at times).  I'd absolutely love to have that engine in my Connie!  The power curve was responsive all the way to the higher RPMs.  Definitely jackrabbit responsiveness if you get throttle happy with it!

Now the bad.  Wind protection?  Yeah right!  Also, while the riding position is upright, it kinda felt like riding a 10 speed bicycle upright.  Wasn't really getting decent feedback through the suspension, although bumps definitely telegraph a little harshly through the suspension!  Also, definitely a lighter bike than the C10.  The ergonomics don't feel conducive to long rides, although I'm sure it could be done.

I'd compare the two as follows:  Ninja 1000 is a small pickup, versus the Connie's Cadillac smoothness.  The heavier bikes definitely ride out the smaller bumps better (big potholes are always scary, though).

Assessment,  the Ninja 1000 is definitely NOT a C10 replacement in my book!  If I could figure out how to sneak that powertrain into a Connie, and convert it to a shaft drive, though...
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