Author Topic: 2001 connie 125hp nos fogger added pod filters now it has a bog from 2 to 6k rpm  (Read 2202 times)

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bog only happens while running with the nos off when the nos is on it revs unbelievably well .only happened after adding pod air filters???? help am i lean ?should i shim the needles?carbs floats just set and carb was cleaned thouroughly?any ideas

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Read up on Steve's (aka SteveInSunnyFlorida or SISF) 2 minute Mod and you will find lots of evidence/reasons why pod filters are NOT the way to go on this bike.
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If you want to run pods, you'll need to get a dynajet jet kit, use thier way-to-rich needles and 134 main jets. It won't have the torque you'ld get with the airbox, but it won't fall on it's face either. Then spray as nesessary - steve

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Interesting first post.
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