Author Topic: connti motion tires vs stock 021's IMO  (Read 1675 times)

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connti motion tires vs stock 021's IMO
« on: May 22, 2011, 08:57:21 am »
well, at the 1100 mile mark on the connti motion tires.
at this mileage I would say the rear tires compare with an edge going to the 021's in the twisties. the 021's were sticky at this point and if memory serves me they started going downhill at around 1500 miles or so.
at high speed(100mph+) I feel the connti motion rear tires are more stable with less drift then the 021's. it always felt like I was riding on a dirt bike at high speed with the 021's with a left and right drift. the rear 021 never felt like it was rooted or planted to the pavement. the connti motion rear still has a little drift but nowhere near what the 021 had! as far as ware, they both appear to be equal and hold up.

the front tires! no comparing the two. hands down the connti motion is way more stable and doesn't have as harsh a feel. at this point in mileage the 021 front was on its way out and starting to form an off shape which made handling very unstable if not scary at times in the twisties.

I guess expectation plays a big part in tire choice. I like a single compound and worry less with a tire forming an odd shape. I'm not a big tour rider, mostly weekend trips or daily speed missions after work. so single compound works best for me. I think the 021's would be better suited for a tour then daily abuse in the twisties or speed missions.
if your tight on money($205 mounted p/set) and need to get by you can't beat the connti motions at this stage in mileage.
 will report back at the 2000-2500 mile point!