Author Topic: Help with removing carburators  (Read 3880 times)

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Re: Help with removing carburators
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2012, 08:00:51 am »
Bad Idea IMHO.  Petroleum jelly will actually dry out your rubber making it even more brittle.  This si why you should never use petroleum based products as an o-ring lube.
That's right. When installing an 'O' rings your supposed to use engine oil or  sometimes a light grease....  wait?? :o
Aren't those petroleum products???
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Re: Help with removing carburators
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I don't *know* what effect it'll have since, like I said, never tried it.  If they're bad enough they won't come loose tho', worth a try.  Otherwise you'll need to replace 'em anyway.  Stiff boots either won't seat right or will take a couple heat cycles to settle in. 

Temperature does make a big difference.  On a cool morning I couldn't budge 'em so bought new ones.  Tried it in the afternoon the following weekend and found them good enough to reuse and returned the new ones.  Note: NO hair drier, just 10-20F warmer.
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