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I use a cheap mod that adds the brake light function to the rear signal lights. They still blink as turnsignals but also come on with the brakes. These are not running lights. Two issues.

First is that some states ban amber brake lights. You can change your amber rear signal lenses to Clear Alternative Lenses with red bulbs. They're clear versions of the amber ones with their Fresnel Lenses. I decided to use clear lenses to update the bike's look but went with amber bulbs for their brightness (the clear lenses come with red bulbs). My amber brake lights might not technically be legal, but they've passed NY State inspection for years, and the many State Troopers that have graciously invited me to stop and chat about my velocity have never ever mentioned my amber brake lights. The other issue is that the signal lights blink faster when the brakes are applied. It doesn't bother me but Clear Alternatives has a little gizmo that should slow the flashing back to a normal rate.

I've used this set-up for over 10 years and can attest to it's effectiveness. They really wake up tailgaters. This mod, in addition to Buck Sport's Tail Brights, has successfully protected my "six" for over 65,000 miles.

Clear Kawasaki Signal Lenses
Bucksport Touring Tailbrights
Electronic Flasher

This is a transcript (with minor editing) of an article by Carl Metler.
Many people have asked how to add brake lights easily to the Concours without getting that "GoldWing" look. I have used a common "trailer coupler" available at WalMart or any automotive supply store for $10 to $16 to allow the rear turn signals to act as additional brake lights while still functioning as turn signals. The "trailer couple or converter" is commonly used to adapt vehicles with seperate brake and turn signal lights to trailers that have combined brake and turn signal lights. This one is from U-Haul.

Trailer Light Converter

If you use crimp-on bullet connectors where you make the joints the coupler can be easily removed from the bike if you chose to return your Concours to stock or you don't like the overall effect. If you're unsure of doing the wiring, just take these instructions to your dealer. I'm sure they could do the job for less than an hour labor.

Be sure to check the legality of amber lights working with the red brake light. It has never been questioned on either my Concours or Ronda's EX500 in any of the states we've traveled through. Many states have abscure rules governing the use of colored lights, but since you still have both a red light and amber turn signals, there shouldn't be any problems. THIS SURE HELPS YOU TO BE SEEN. This coupler allows your rear turn signals to act as additional brake lights when not being used as turn signals. It is normal for the turn signals to flash slightly faster when the brake light is on.


Wiring Diagram

Cut the bike's GRAY Wire (A) and join the ends to the coupler's GREEN Wires (D & G).

Cut the bike's GREEN Wire (C) and join the ends to the coupler's YELLOW Wires (F & H)

Splice the bike's BLUE Wire (B) to the coupler's RED Wire (E).

If you use spade or bullet connectors and blue taps the coupler can be removed and the connections returned to their original configuration.

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