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Xtralight HID installation
« on: July 07, 2012, 04:19:02 pm »
Last week I picked up a very nice '02 Concours from a list member.  I'm enjoying getting to know the bike.  It's rather different the the '70s BMW that I've been riding for the last 20 years.

Back in '08, I picked up a Xtralight HID kit when the LDRider list had a group buy.  I never got around to installing it in the BMW, but figured that it might be a nice way to increase the light and decrease the power on the Connie.  Today, I spent a while fighting with it before making a strategic retreat.

First of all, has anyone installed one of these and, if so, how did you do it?  In particular, I'd be interested to know where you mounted the various bits.

In particular, I ran into two difficulties.  First, I can't figure out any way to get the dust boot on.  On the theory that it should be coming out very frequently, I was thinking of just dabbing some silicone sealant in there instead.

Second, and what caused the retreat, was that I could figure out how to get the bail back on to hold the bulb in place.  I now believe that the base of the HID bulb is slightly thicker than the halogen.  To what degree can I just push harder or will that cause the bail to snap?