Author Topic: Heli Horizon ST for the C14 9  (Read 3711 times)

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Heli Horizon ST for the C14 9
« on: July 08, 2012, 01:31:15 pm »
This is an excellent solution for infinite adjustability.  In my situation, I have a pinched nerve between C5/C6 due to a herniated disc.  The standard position of the stock bars requires more pressure/lean.  I added the Heli 1/3/4 risers at first.  These helped but I still had issues.  Added Phil's wedges.  They helped, but not enough. 

Then the Horizon STs were introduced.  An excellent solution for my pressure/lean issue.  I can now sit straight up without any downward pressure on the bars.  Really makes it comfortable to ride. It did not affect my cornering in the twisties.  I was worried about that based on some comments made here in the forum.  Glad to say it did not affect me.

I bought these bars used from a member.  All the parts were there and installation was fairly straight forward.  I had one issue with the right bar in that it did not have the second hole required for the throttle housing.  The member I bought from just filed away the plastic locator.  I didn't want to do that so I called Heli in Maine for another bar.  They were interested in seeing the original so I shipped that back.  Maybe they'll give me some credit for it. 

Warranty is for one year to the 'original' purchaser so don't expect them to warranty a used set even if it is within the one year period.  I'll provide feedback if they give me credit for the bar that was incorrectly machined.  You have 30 days to return the set if you are unsatisfied.  I really can't see why anyone would be.  The instructions are very good and come with pictures.

Unintended consequences - My tank bag interferes with full lock to either side so I have to place it as close to me as possible. My Russell seat will have to be reworked as now it pushes me forward into the tank.  I had this set deliberately made this way to alleviate the shoulder pressure problems with leaning on the stock bars.

Adjustability - These bars will adjust just about any way you want.  Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of index marks to help you with setting a base value and adjusting from there.  There is no center mark on the base or the bar.  You have to figure this out yourself.  On my 08, I eyeballed the glove box lid in the up position.  I also eyeballed the individual bars.  There are index marks for the side to side of the bars but that's all that was there on mine.

I rated them a 9 because of the flaw in the right bar and the lack of index marks.  Other than that, they are superb.  They have excellent customer service.  Someone actually answers the phone.  It must be a smallish shop.

I'm glad I was able to go this route.

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