Author Topic: I tried my brother's 848  (Read 1755 times)

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I tried my brother's 848
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:35:32 pm »
Yeah!  :P

He bought it couple of weeks ago, in red color, and this afternoon I had the opportunity for a short test ride.

The bike is much lighter than the C14, of course, but I touch the floor with my foot tips almost like on the Connie.  :(
The foot pegs are dramaticly... back: you look like a frog pilot! :)
When the engine starts the sound is loud, definitely, even with the approved pipes.

Then I put the first gear... and I thought I was on the third instead!  :o
Used to the Connie, I found hard to start moving if not playing with the throttle and the clutch much more.
Just a very short time to get used and I moved.

One curious thing, well known to Ducati users: if you turn the handlebar too much, for instance maneuvering the bike at very low speed, you painfully crash your hand against the upper part of the fairing! >:( (mostly on the right side...)

The tour had few opportunities to launch (a little) the bike, so I realized that you need to use much lower gears in traffic than the Kawa: rarely the third gear!

But that's expected: is a sporty 2 cylinders! ;)

When you open the throttle... here comes the fun: few openings only, but enjoying each one of them!  ;D
The bike handles magnificently, when curving is on a track, suspensions are very confortable (and this is amazing), brakes are powerful!

But despite the good suspensions... riding it for a long time must be a PIA!  ::)
After only ten minutes my wrists were aching for the too forward posture and, asking to my brother, the PIA turns real regarding the seat that has simply nothing soft! (my brother ordered a gel seat in fact ;) )

Probably riding it every day you get somehow used to it, but honestly I don't think I'll ever own such exagerated sporty bikes.

A great bike, though, for those who like to ride in tracks.  :)

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Re: I tried my brother's 848
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2012, 06:46:04 pm »
Nice review... Thanks.  I have a friend who rides a Feejer, thinks this bike is the stink.  He's over 6" tall... I doubt he'd have a good time on it.   ;D
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